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I had a contractor working on our rental property after a new roof was put on. He was fixing the water damage from the roof leak and found black mold. I took this picture then applied the Ultra 7 antimicrobial. Less than a minute later I took the second picture. I planned to go back 24 hours later to take another picture but he had already put up new sheet rock. The contractor told me the black mold was all gone. Not hard to believe after seeing results in less than a minute after applying
the product.

Last year, my kids’ lunch bags got moldy from leaky lunches. I decided to try
Ultra 7
for this year’s bags. So far, after 4 months, they are completely clear.
No mold, no bad smells, no worries about things being in there with the
peanut butter and jelly that shouldn’t be! All I did was spray them with
Ultra 7
and let them dry. This product works!